Alexis Leiva 
Guide & Founder

Prior to receiving the vision for Spirit Quest, Alexis Leiva was working as a Spanish interpreter and, despite years of personal development and leadership trainings, he remained unfulfilled. Alexis knew that an essential part of his path included offering opportunities for transformation, but he was not yet sure what form that would take.

Alexis prayed for a breakthrough and for his next steps. He wanted to serve the Sacred and carried a deep desire to live in alignment with Creator's will for him. The morning after his prayer, he received a call from Kimberly Sherry inviting him to serve as a Spanish interpreter for Ayahuasca ceremonies held by the Shipibo tribe deep in the jungles of Perú. He said "Yes" and his life was forever changed.

Alexis Leiva journeyed to Perú first as a Spanish interpreter and participant and received a clear calling himself to bring others to the awe-inspiring healing, love, and transformation that he experienced during his time in the jungle. His intention in sitting with the Medicine was to discover what to do next in his life and the message was clear: Bring people back to Perú and to the Medicine.

In addition to plant medicine, Alexis is also deeply passionate about music. As a DJ, he performs as Fllow at events and conscious parties in the Bay Area and beyond.