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Online Intro and Q&A to Explore Spirit Quest Perú

Please join us online for an engaging exploration of Spirit Quest Perú, where Alexis, Matt, and Mellissa will introduce what this transformative program makes possible, the details of our upcoming retreat (Feb 3-17, 2017), and how you can participate now to start expanding your Joy, Love, Clarity and fulfillment of your True Purpose!

This upcoming retreat will have a special focus on Relationships, to "call in" our ideal partners, deepen our existing connections, and breakthrough our blocks to loving ourselves! Many activities throughout this retreat will support singles and couples with discoveries in these areas, including a special Valentine's Day Heart Opening Ceremony at the amazing Machu Picchu!

On Monday, Dec 19th we'll provide 90-minutes of valuable activation as we introduce you to how Spirit Quest blends spiritual, social and personal development, and how the participants in our retreats to Perú have been inspired to:
+ Create new partnerships
+ Deepen their self-love
+ Transform their careers
+ Embrace their intuitive powers
+ Generate gratitude for life
+ Re-awaken their connection to Source, God, or whatever they believe

We will also introduce the plant teachers we will work with while in Perú, specifically Ayahuasca and the San Pedro Cactus, and about the experienced, local medicine people who ensure our experiences are both powerful and safe.

And, we'll offer a prayerful meditation to drop even deeper into our connection to the Universe and all of the blessings we desire to receive.

This event will be great for current Spirit Quest Perú participants, interested prospects, and those who are just curious about what's possible in our retreats, programs and coaching sessions.

Come to learn and come to ask questions. You'll also find out how to schedule a free, Spirit Quest Discovery Call, where you'll be able to go deeply, one-on-one into what calls you to this work, how it can serve you, and what you feel is the best next step on your path.

Join us via Video using which has a free app to download for your PC/Mac or mobile Apple/Android. Please download the app before the call starts via the website ( or app store.

The meeting ID is or just 764644853 in the app.

Or, you can join by PhoneOnly via
+1 646 558 8656 & Meeting ID: 764 644 853, #