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Spirit Quest Perú: Machu Picchu, Ayahuasca, Spiritual Growth

You Are Cordially Invited to the Personal Development and Spiritual Empowerment Pilgrimage of a Lifetime!

Perú is a land of healing and hidden treasures that enhance our experiences of Joy, Clarity and True Purpose. Join a CommUnity of heart-centered and spirit-driven artists, healers, conscious entrepreneurs and professionals on a mystical journey to the breath-taking Sacred Valley of Perú for 12 enriching days (Aug 2-Aug 13, 2018).

The Spirit Quest Perú program will both heal and enliven your body, mind and spirit. We will participate in two Ayahuasca ceremonies and one San Pedro ceremony, all guided by experienced shamanic healers. We will visit the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu and various other sacred archaeological sites (some of which are unknown to tourists). During these excursions we will go beyond sightseeing by engaging in transformative exercises that connect us with the land and indigenous wisdom. The program also includes preparatory support, Dieta (delicious, cleansing diet), energizing physical activities (hiking, yoga, dance), local shopping, deep inner work and post-experience integration.

We welcome you into our commUnity and encourage you to immerse yourself in this exquisitely curated program. See the Tribe in Action by searching #SpiritQuestTribe on Facebook.



  • I am called to work with Sacred Plant Medicines.
  • I am open to experience more Joy and Fulfillment in my life.
  • I am seeking Clarity around my True Purpose and how to live it.
  • I am interested in learning how to make Business my Spiritual Practice.
  • I am cultivating Self-Love and Emotional Intimacy.
  • I am calling in my life partner and consciously creating the Relationship of my Dreams.
  • I am igniting Passion in my life and in my relationships.
  • I am called to Deepen my Spirituality and my Connection to Mother Earth.
  • I am seeking to take a breather from screens and online interfacing.
  • I am excited to Connect, contribute, explore and commune with a like-hearted Community.
  • I am ready for exponential Growth in Leadership, Healing, Insight, and Adventure!


Adventurous and Heart-Centered Pilgrims who are ready to engage in sacred work, release old wounds and mental patterns that no longer serve and are ready to share their genius and healing powers within a Joyful CommUnity.


  • - Aug 2-Aug 13, 2018 (12 days)
  • - Perú’s “Valle Sagrado,” The Sacred Valley, arriving and departing from Cusco, Perú airport (CUZ).
  • - Includes staying in the city of Pisac, as well as visits to other sacred sites and towns.


  1. * Pre-Quest Intention-Setting and Spiritual Guidance Calls that begin when you register.
  2. * Membership into the private "Spirit Quest Tribe" Facebook Group
  3. * Online Tribe Gatherings to get to know fellow participants
  4. * Post-Quest Integration Group Call/Gathering


  1. Travel Agent and Tour Guide Services for all scheduled group activities
  2. All Lodging at Beautiful Retreat Center, Meals and Transportation
  3. Ongoing Spanish Interpretation/Translation during the Quest
  4. 2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and 1 San Pedro Ceremony (you have the option to be present for ceremony and not ingest medicine)
  5. Additional Incan ceremonies and rituals
  6. Entrance Ticket and Shuttle Bus ticket up to Machu Picchu
  7. Entrance Ticket to various Sacred Valley Archaeological Sites
  8. “Díeta” (Dietary and Lifestyle Cleanse) during the Quest to prepare the body, mind and spirit
  9. Healthy, Delicious High Vibrational, Nutrition Dense Breakfast/Lunch/Dinners at clean, high-quality restaurants and lodgings
  10. Facilitated integration processes and support before/during/after medicine ceremonies
  11. Yoga Classes, Music Playshops and Ecstatic Dance
  12. Filming Group Documentary and Music Video
  13. Community excursions into towns with rich history and abundant shopping
  14. Loving, on-going support sessions/guidance within the Spirit Quest Tribe and program facilitators
  15. Plenty of Downtime time to Relax, journal, nap, or explore on your own or with friends
  16. Wifi access at retreat center and at many restaurants/cafes
  17. Joy, Support, Love, Connection, Community, Fun and The Adventure of a Lifetime!
  18. As is the case with this work, magic and synchronicities await!
  19. Access to optional services/classes will be available
  20. Opportunities offered for Leadership! Tap into, develop and share your Super Powers... For example, you can lead tribe in art, dance, yoga, reiki or other modalities/practices. You choose what to create. Hint: If it lights you up, it’ll light us up!


  • Couple's Price: $7,200
  • Airfare not included (Fly into/out of Cusco, CUS)
  • Payment Plan of 2 or 3 installments available
  • Must pay full investment by July 31st
  • $500 Non-refundable registration deposit

+ Supercharge Your Experience Now: Two, 1-Hour Spiritual Guidance and Preparation Skype Sessions with Alexis Leiva, Spiritual Guide and Leader of Spirit Quest, are highly encouraged. This package will powerfully prepare you for the ceremonies and the overall experience, it will clarify your intentions and begin the growth and transformation journey now. $400.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a Joy.“ - Rumi

"The hero’s journey always begins with the call. One way or another, a guide must come to say, "Wake. Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not been touched. So you’re at home here? Well, there’s not enough of you there. And so it starts. Every great journey begins with the first step." - Joesph Campbell

To apply and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call, complete the contact form on the PARTICIPATE page and select "Discovery Call for Spirit Quest Perú" from the drop-down menu or email