What is Spirit Quest?

Spirit Quest is a Bay Area-based team of individuals who have been called to bring others to connect with the transformative, life affirming power of entheogenic plant medicines. When these shamanic plants are communed with in safe, intentional, ceremonial containers, they heal lives. Each of us has experienced this and that is why we feel deeply called to this work. Please note: Spirit Quest team members do not facilitate plant medicine ceremonies. We bring our participants to trusted medicine carriers in the Sacred Valley of Perú.

In addition to communing with sacred plants in Perú including Ayahuasca and huachuma (San Pedro), the Spirit Quest team is passionate about and well-versed in other modalities for personal development and healing including conscious movement practices, altar building, communication exercises, nature connection practices, Jungian explorations of the soul, and leadership exercises. These experiences facilitate inner exploration and deep alchemical transformation. They also serve a potent supporting role in pre-ceremony intention setting and post-ceremony integration.

Our pilgrimages to the Sacred Valley of Perú are the heart of what we offer and we look forward to sharing the magic and beauty of the land with our community. We also host transformational workshops and retreats (without plant medicines) in the Bay Area.

Our offerings emphasize the themes of Love, Joy, Clarity, and True Purpose and, regardless of the location, our events are known for the quality of interpersonal connection fostered, the depth of the dive into one's inner Self, the remembering of connection with the Sacred, and the strength and safety of the containers created and held by our team.


Our Core Beliefs:

We are called to guide others into direct relationship and communion with the Sacred.

We believe in the healing power of entheogenic/psychedelic plants and hope that, as more individuals come to know their interconnectedness with the Earth, we as a species will honor Her with more respect.

We believe that the plant Medicines are conscious presences that care deeply for human beings and we can access guidance and support when we come in a good way.

We believe in deep, heart-centered, authentic connection and community. We foster this type of connecting through Spirit Quest activities and experiences.

We support others in living from their hearts and from their deepest prayers rather than from ideals imposed upon them by society.

We believe that the Universe/Creator/God(dess) offers guidance to us personally through Synchronicity.

We believe that prayerfulness and playfulness can both be sacred. We laugh, dance, and celebrate our lives.

We walk in gratitude.

Brian prays with cacao amidst the Apus.

Brian prays with cacao amidst the Apus.

Our Origin Story:

Spirit Quest was born in April 2015. Alexis Leiva, our founder, was working as a Spanish interpreter and despite years of personal development and leadership trainings, he remained unfulfilled. Alexis knew that an essential part of his path included offering opportunities for transformation, but he was not yet sure what to bring to community.

Alexis prayed for a breakthrough and for his next steps. He wanted to serve the Sacred and carried a deep desire to live in alignment with Creator's will for him. The morning after his prayer, he received a call from Kimberly Sherry inviting him to serve as a Spanish interpreter for Ayahuasca ceremonies held by the Shipibo tribe deep in the jungles of Perú. He said "Yes" and his life was forever changed.

Alexis Leiva journeyed to Perú first as a Spanish interpreter and participant and received a clear calling himself to bring others to the awe-inspiring healing, love, and transformation that he experienced there. His intention in sitting with the Medicine was to discover what to do next in his life and the message was clear: Bring people back to Perú and to the Medicine.

In September 2015, Alexis returned to the jungle with Matt Woodhill, his friend and team member, with his first group of participants. Spirit Quest expanded again in February 2016 by hosting local events aimed at bringing the deep, soulful inner work and transformation experienced in Perú back to the Bay Area for individuals who were seeking meaningful connection, but could not journey to Perú.

In the Summer of 2016, Alexis and Matt welcomed Mellissa Rohrer, a plant medicine scholar and healer, to the team and returned to the Sacred Valley in Perú in July 2016 for another two week retreat. In the Andes Mountains, the team and participants experienced profound healing through Ayahuasca ceremonies, a San Pedro hike, yoga, dance practices, dieta-friendly meals, sacred site visits, and transformational activities.

Most recently, Alexis and Matt returned to the Sacred Valley with a group of all men for a two week retreat from February 3rd-17th 2017. These men, from a diverse array of backgrounds, were able to experience feminine ways of knowing, and work on healing their relationships with themselves, their contributions in the world, and the significant relationships in their lives.

When you use a living medicine and get well, you feel that the world is alive and aware and wants to help you. People often talk about saving the Earth, but how many times have you experienced the Earth saving you?
— Stephen Buhner

What can you expect in spirit Quest programs?

  • Safely held, intentional containers to explore your innermost depths.

  • Respect for the land and indigenous cultures with which we connect.

  • Kind, knowledgeable guides whose priorities include your connection with yourself, connection with community, and connection with the Sacred.

  • Personal growth in the areas of Joy, Love & Relationship, Clarity, and True Purpose.

  • Connection with other authentic, heart-centered, individuals devoted to LIFE.

  • Playfulness.

  • Health conscious, organic meals (all dieta-friendly while in Perú)

  • Deep listening and clear communication from team members.

  • Honoring of Nature, honoring of Spirit, and accepting of you...just as you are.

Men's Journey: February 2017

Men's Journey: February 2017